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        "India is for

           the discoverer"

a Manifesto, of sorts

penned by Rise Design Founder, Molly Hamilton

India is for the discoverer. I found color, texture and beauty  juxtaposed with poverty like I had never seen or even heard of -- stench, oppression, exploitation, slavery, social inequity.

A land of extremes and contrasts.


And I wondered, how could I make a difference? And if I pursued any meaningful endeavor in India, what would its mission be? Where would I start?

I would begin with the belief in the dignity and value of every human being. 

The belief in the right to live a life of freedom & choice. And the belief in the

life-altering power of small business.

Authentic change happens when women have access to dignifying work and experience the empowering freedom of self-sufficiency. 

The value of life, empowerment & education would be at the center.

I would aim to empower, to bless & to provide a future. 

1. To give these women an alternative to prostitution, child marriage and abusive relationships -a chance to earn their own living.

2. To empower the women to support their families and as a result benefit and sustain their communities.

3. To give dignity to these Kolkata women artisans via fair-trade wages, sustainable & safe employment, access to health care, to gain skills and have a real opportunity to break the cycle of poverty for themselves and their families.

4. To provide the women with marketable and economically beneficial outlets for their skills.

To create unique designs and pieces that reflect the beauty and culture of the women who create them.

5. To help them create high-quality, unique products that challenge the artisans to continue to develop their skills, confidence and creativity.

6. To enable the artisans and Kiran to become profitable while also having a positive social impact.

7. To provide Kiran with consistent business and to help increase their ability to meet the quality and capacity demands of the marketplace.

8. To create handmade jewelry from locally and ethically sourced materials.  

9. To create jewelry that is made by hand, following fair trade standards and honor an

eco-friendly commitment

I desire to make connections across cultures, from the slums of Kolkata to my own hometown of Denver, Colorado.

I desire to engage my community; to empower, to discuss, to inform. 

I desire to provide the opportunity to make meaningful & socially conscious purchases. 

I desire to inspire others to make meaningful connections across cultures, to seek to understand the struggles and obstacles of another.

And I want everyone to share in my joy of these incredible

Women of Kiran. 

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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